The Online Music Business is a Whole New World!

It’s like stepping from one world into a new one…transitioning from traditional, physical performances to building an online presence through tools I never heard of before.

Spotify, SoundCloud…what are these all about?

I’ve been learning, a little at a time.

This new journey began with CD Baby, which I had known about and where I now have a presence.   An online distributor of all types of music, CD Baby sent my album to Spotify, Amazon MP3 and to Google Play, where my 2009 book of Scottish arrangements has been sold for some time, among other places.

My music is even available at a music distribution service called “Shazam“!

Whether or not I will experience large audiences or customers from these new forums, I don’t know, but I can at least share my music in this new way without having to load up, travel, set up or tune!






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