Don’t Miss this Beautiful Presentation from Harpist Carla Bos!

by Sharon Hanjian Rondeau

(Sep. 20, 2021) – On September 17, highly-accomplished harpist Carla Bos gave a live performance on the “Luis R Live” show to speak about her background, freelancing in her home country of Holland, and her favorite repertoire, parts of which she played in her unique style.

The livestream was broadcast while Carla was in Portugal for a ten-day music festival, “Casa de Musica.”

She also discussed her “Sparkles” series, which she posts on her YouTube channel each day consisting of short excerpts from harp repertoire new and old.

Remarkably, Carla is fluent in Dutch, English and Portuguese, as is demonstrated in the interview.

As for making a living as a musician in today’s world, Carla told the host, “It’s a difficult time to become a musician. If you doubt, like, ‘Shall I become a musician or maybe a doctor?’ then I would recommend to be a doctor. But if you have the feeling, like I have, that you’re born as a musician and you will die as one, then really go for it. Just love your passion, create initiative, go new paths, start exploring, and show your character and show your personality in what you do, because that is what makes people unique.”