New Collection of Traditional Irish Songs Available

I am pleased to announce that a compilation of some of my best-loved Irish songs is now available here and at on my publisher’s page.

To my knowledge, these lovely songs, taken from Irish vocal repertoire, have never been arranged for harp, and all are playable on both lever and pedal harps with no accidentals.

In arranging them for performance, my goal was to bring out the unique melodies supported by a flowing and supportive bass line.

Reviews of my “Easy Scottish Harp Music” book, published in 2009 by Mel Bay, are here.  The collection, along with a mini-biography, is featured at Harp Column Music.  Vendors include Google Play, SheetMusicPlus, Kolacny Music, Amazon, eBooksDownloads, and the Atlanta Harp Center.  As with my new Irish publication, it contains simple arrangements of ten little-known Scottish folk songs for all harps to enhance any player’s Celtic repertoire.

I expect to be publishing a new collection of Celtic songs over the winter.


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