Carla Bos Performs my Arrangement!

(Apr. 1, 2021) – On Tuesday, Dutch harpist Carla Bos contacted me to say she would be releasing a video of my arrangement of “On This Glorious Easter Morning” as part of her March music series.

Carla Bos, “On This Glorious Easter Morning”

The YouTube link is here:

The arrangement was also featured in a Harp Column post on March 20. Sheet music is available at Harp Column Music and SheetMusicPlus.

Many thanks to Carla for reaching out! Visit her website and explore her fine discography.

“Harp Column” Review!

(Mar. 30, 2021) – I was honored to receive an email today from Liana Alpino, blogger for The Harp Column, informing me of her inclusion of one of my Easter arrangements in her latest post, “Songs for Spring.”

Liana is a 20-year professional in both solo and orchestral venues and shares how she incorporates each of the 12 selections featured in the article in her performances.

About my setting of “On This Glorious Easter Morning,” sold at Harp Column here, Liana wrote, ” For sacred occasions, I like to bring a few traditional hymns with me that are set in four-part harmony, just like this traditional 19th century Easter carol. I love the extra color that it brings to arrangements.”

She concluded her review with, “If you like this style of writing, Sharon has several more hymn arrangements to peruse here.” 


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