Christmas Continues…

After preparing all of the carols from my book, “Something Old, Something New for Christmas” for last month’s special event at Brooklyn Antiques, Arts & Refinements, I just didn’t want to stop playing them.  Christmas was coming, and their antiquity and simplicity made me want to keep them close.

I had hoped to record more of them before Christmas, but time simply flew by.  With today being the “day after,” I decided in a quiet moment to record these two.  Enjoy!


Whether New or Old, Great Things are Happening!

Despite the hot weather and lazier days of summer, not everyone has been on vacation. There are lots of positive developments in my world, one of which I referred to in my last post.

That development has now been confirmed, and I will be announcing it as soon as it goes live.

Since April I’ve been meeting my goal of releasing one new video each month with a song I’ve arranged and made available for harpists at  Today’s video is of one of my favorite Irish songs, recorded on my CD and offered in sheet music format as both a stand-alone and in my “Ten Irish Songs for All Harps” book.


I also am working on an exciting new book based on old material which will be published in the fall.

Editing YouTube Videos is Actually Easy!

As a YouTube novice, trimming away unwanted portions of my videos proved to be a challenge.

It seemed I was on the right track by using the “Edit” button, but for some reason the edits wouldn’t save.

Then it finally occurred to me to seek out a YouTube “help” video that would hopefully explain, in simple terms, what I was doing wrong.

That video is here:

It turned out that there was one small thing I hadn’t done correctly to complete the process.

I have now begun the process of editing all of my early videos for a more professional look.

That is not to say that I still do not have much to learn!


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