A New Direction

(Aug. 11, 2017) — After so many years of public performance, retirement is not easy. Last month I decided to channel my musical energies into notating the many well-loved songs I played at all kinds of events over the years, many of which have not been arranged for the harp until now. Sometimes the process is s

Revisiting an Old Favorite

(Jun. 29, 2017) — While deciding which songs I was going to record next several weeks ago, I suddenly "heard" this song differently from the way I had played it for more than 20 years after arranging and recording it for my CD in 1998. Because I often performed

Sounds of Beautiful Scotland

Based on an arrangement by Sylvia Woods from "52 Scottish Songs for All Harps," this song is associated with funerals in Scotland.  I have played it at many types of events where quiet, introspective music was needed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sUSt7IMUNM My own arrangement of the song is based on a version I heard somewhere years ago, but I can't

Dreaming of Sunny Spain…

On January 29, I released a post with an MP3 recording taken from a CD which contained all of the selections from a 1989 demo tape. In 1988,  I resumed playing the harp after an 11-year hiatus. Having retired in December from a 28-year run as a free

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

A LITTLE EARLY by Sharon Hanjian Rondeau, March 8, 2017 I am still very much a novice at making YouTube videos, but here is an all-time Iris

A Flash from the Past

The following piece, "El Viejo Castillo Moro" by Eduardo Chavarri, arr. by the famous harpist Marcel Grandjany, was recorded at the University of Connecticut in 1989 and placed onto a "demo tape" which I used for many years to respond to engagement inquiries.